Tutorial: How to draft a circle skirt, half circle skirt and quarter circle skirt. Mathematics of the Circle Skirt explained(for Barbie)

Hello and welcome to my very first post on this blog. Blogging is new to me so please feel free to judge but don’t be harsh 🙂
A Barbie doll will be used for measurements. You could also download my patterns if you want to sew an outfit for barbie

I will be explaining how to sew 3 different kinds of skirts:

Full circle, half circle and quarter circle.

Before beginning we need to measure barbie. These are the measurements of the modern barbie doll I will be using here:

height: 11 1/2″
bust: 5″
waist: 3 1/2″
hips: 5 1/4″
shoulder to wrist: 3 1/2″
waist to ankle: 6 1/2″

The circumference of a circle is measured with this formula:

C = 2 π r
where C=circumference, r=radius and π= 3.14
For our circle skirts we need the value of C to get the value of r.

First lets start with the Full circle skirt.

Centimeters are much more accurate when doing barbie calculations. The waist of the doll measures 3.5 inches. Which is 8.89 centimeters.

Now we need the value of r.



8.89=2 * π * r

8.89 = 6.28 * r

r= 8.89/6.28

r = 1.415

approximately equal to 1.4 centimeters.

Now we will use the value of r to draw our circle skirts.

Step 1: Take a compass and measure 1.4 cms on it.

Step 2: Draw a circle on a large sheet of paper. This is the waist measurement of the doll.

Step 3:

to be continued….